Cutter Set #128 - Lilac Leaf

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RJ Crafts

SKU: set128-full

One of the things I miss most about living in Pennsylvania is Lilacs! The gorgeous flowers that come into bloom in late May, the beautiful heart-shaped leaves, and the scent. To bring a bit of spring into your clay life we designed this set of Lilac Leaf shaped clay cutters.

Just imagine the fun pieces you could create with your RJ Crafts polymer clay cutters! This is a simple shape with so many possibilities, for amazing creations! With this set of cutters, you'll be able to create pendants, earrings, charm bracelets and more in no time! This set of cutters consists of 6 pieces.

Your RJ Crafts polymer clay cutters work just like an ordinary cookie cutter, simply press the cutter into conditioned polymer clay or metal clay to create a variety of shapes. Just imagine the stunning pendants, earrings, journal covers, and more that you can create with this versatile set of cutters.

Our polymer clay cutters are handwash only and made from food safe PLA ( Poly Lactic Acid ) that is derived from natural sources.

XLG - approx 2.25" Tall
LG - approx 2" Tall
MED - approx 1.75" Tall
SM - approx 1.5" Tall
SXM - approx 1.25" Tall
MINI - approx 1" Tall

****** Color of printed cutters may vary. We do not guarantee what color you will receive ******

Want a custom shape? Just contact us and we'll work with you to create a custom set of cutters for you!

Materials: 3D Filament,PLA Plastic