News & Updates

End Of Year Giveaway Winners!

While I didn't have time to do a video like I wanted, I do have the winners of the end of year giveaway

Winner #1- Dorothy Poole
Winner #2 - Phylis Whitt
Winner #3 - Kathy Weaver

Congrats ladies! I'll be reaching out to you shortly so you can start claiming your winnings! A free set of cutters or screen every month throughout 2018!

Silicone Push Molds For Clay

This isn't an RJ Crafts update, but it is something new and something I wanted to share with everyone! 

MoldsDIY on Etsy. A new shop, but quickly becoming a favorite of mine! They carry a ton of silicone push molds that were created with the clay artist in mind! 

All their molds are FLAT on top, so you can easily fill your mold, then shave the excess clay off, leaving a clean cast for your project! 

Before they launched, they did reach out to me and ask for some tips and the flat top was the BIG ONE I mentioned. They came through and I love them! I have a few of their molds all ready and plan to stock pile a ton more :) 

If you love a good silicone push mold, then MoldsDIY is a shop you have to see! 

The RJ Crafts Rewards Program

Great news! We've just added a customer loyalty program!! 

I wanted a way to say THANK YOU! To all of you, our customers. The best way I could think of was to offer you rewards!

You will now earn reward points for shopping, sharing, and referring RJ Crafts to others. 

For more details you can check the Rewards Program page and see all the ways you can earn and how you can spend those rewards! 

This is an evolving program, so I'll be working on new ways for you to earn points and even more ways to redeem those points :) 

New Site!

So this is the new and improved RJ Crafts :) 

Hoping that this will finally put an end to all the email issues, the shopping cart issues, and all the other headaches the other site had!