Clay Tutorials

Toothbrush to Micro Sander - DIY Tutorial

It's fast and easy to turn an electric toothbrush into a micro sander for all your polymer clay and resin pieces. 

This takes less than 15 minutes and the sander you end up with is comparable to other sanders on the market meant for clay. 


Powder Paint & Polymer Clay

You can get a super high gloss and durable finish on your clay beads and charms without a ton of sanding! Just look at how easy it is to use our powder paint clear coat for your beads and charms.


Manatee & Dolphin Cuff Bracelet Tutorial

I love manatees and dolphins! I know it's fall and it's not "beach" jewelry season, but when you live in Florida, it's always summer :D 


Cuff Bracelet Tutorial

Just a quick video showing how to make a cuff bracelet using our Cuff Kit from RJ Crafts. 


Mica Water Color Technique - Polymer Clay Tutorial

Try this water color mica technique. This is a super simple technique that really creates some amazing looks on polymer clay. A very organic technique. Half the fun is waiting to see what you have once the water drops dry up! 


Faux Druzy Stone - Polymer Clay Tutorial

Learn how to create your own faux druzy stones using polymer clay and some glitter! 


Halloween Earrings - Polymer Clay Tutorial